Test Pack Services

MTIS Group specialise in the design, manufacture and maintenance of hydrostatic test packs. We stock an expansive range of high pressure hoses, fittings and components to suit a variety of fluid applications. We frequently audit, repair and upgrade hydro-static test pack units that originate in Canada and the USA that are used in the surface drilling industry.

Maintenance and Modifications

MTIS Group regularly perform modifications and maintenance to new and existing test packs to suit the ever changing demands of the industry. Regular services include the relocation and addition of filters and strainers, upgrades and servicing of the air system, replacement and rebuilding of HP components, system modification to include digital gauge test points, vented & monitored relief points, HP fitting register tracking and the replacement and rebuilding of pumps and associated parts.

IMG_2980 unit3  IMG_4859

Design and Refurbishment

MTIS Group have the capacity to design new units from the ground up or modify your existing unit with new equipment to bring it up to spec. Contact us to day to discuss your options.

 Image 3 IMG_4316  DSC07220

Custom Installations

MTIS Group have the capability to design and install systems on mobile plant. Pictured below is a chemical injection system designed and installed on coil tubing unit. The system was designed with multiple relief points to protect the pump from user error, a dual input utilising either the tubing units standard reservoir or alternatively an external feed from a drum or container. The system was controlled pneumatically and capable of both low pressure high volume delivery (8LPM @ 140PSI) or high pressure low volume up to 15000 psi.

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