Oil & Gas Shutdowns

MTIS Group have a range of onsite oil & gas industry specific shutdown services available. With ten years experience in Australian surface drilling MTIS Group offer a range of on site services that dramatically reduce downtime, maintenance and the associated costs of both. These services include 

  • Installation and commissioning of mobile coil tube units
  • Mud tank hard lines – design, manufacture and replacement. Stainless conversions available.
  • Complete hose change out programs including hose register & RFID programs
  • Hydraulic auditing and installation programs (cylinders, pumps, valves)
  • Hard-line manufacture and change out
  • Complete gauge, pressure relief valve and air vessel certification programs including register and RFID programs
  • Burst sleeving and hose conformity programs
  • Pressure testing & certification including internal / external inspection of surface lines, accumulator lines, hard lines and choke manifolds to OEM specification
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