Health Safety & Environment

MTIS Group expects every employee to demonstrate their commitment to a Zero Harm organisational culture.  Placing a focus on safety awareness MTIS Group practices seven zero harm principles:


MTIS Group is committed to open communication and a collaborative culture on safety issues. To promote our safety awareness culture MTIS Group employs a simple yet highly effective consultative process with our staff to ensure safety is driven at all levels of the organisation. fbaejskbgwbgosdhbgodsbgjdsbks ikgviufi dsighosngodin ofhsao fosafh


MTIS Group minimises the impact of an emergency situation through education of our employees making sure personnel are safe and equipped for the operation. We ensure personnel are able to determine safe or unsafe working environments and are empowered to alert team members when unsafe conditions arise.


To meet legislative requirements and improve safety, MTIS Group undertakes vigorous risk assessment to identify and manage safety issues by implementing appropriate controls.


MTIS Group is committed to perform inspections and audits of the site and its systems in order to be proactive in prevention of accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses.


Safety is a daily consideration in the way we work and is incorporated into team meetings and regular training courses for all of our staff. sdlgihsdi sdgihdosg oudshfoisd gsdouhgdosu voisDGH SDOhi odsifghjofis


In the case that an incident does occur, MTIS Group is committed to thorough investigation to uncover and identify the cause to allow for prevention of similar accidents occurring in the future.


MTIS Group encourages open communication and empowers its employees to speak up about accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses, to ensure risk is controlled to the highest standard.


MTIS Group values the environment we operate in and consequently focuses on the safest handling of chemicals/ wastage, water usage and spill management.