Fuel Security

MTIS Group are excited to now be offering to both Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) Fuel Security systems by Banlaw. The superior system allows users to automatically and cost effectively reconcile and secure the fuel use for every light vehicle in your fleet – entirely wirelessly!

Fuel is a significant cost to a business; imagine if you could be confident in knowing that every litre was being used by the right vehicle, including light vehicles?


Fuel Security – Stock Reconciliation – Cost Analysis

Banlaw’s next generation of Auto ID SecureFill™ low volume nozzles for light vehicles now integrate wireless communications technology into managing your fuel dispensing. SecureFill™ can be retrofitted to existing Banlaw FuelTrack™ depots.

As well as addressing fuel security our system can manage and reconcile fuel usage. In conjunction with its patented dry-break Auto ID, Banlaw FuelTrack™ and Banlaw LevelTrack™ systems, the Banlaw SecureFill™ wireless Auto ID system will provide you with a far superior, fully integrated fuel management system.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Fuel Security – no tag, no fuel. Proximity limit ensures only the tagged vehicle receives the fuel.
  • Accurately measure and reconcile each vehicle’s fuel use
  • Wireless for improved reliability and safety with no more data cables. No Break Out Points means simpler installation.
  • Lower maintenance costs, greater savings.
  • Suitable for all fuel types – gasoline, ULP and diesel.
  • Proven Next Gen design with even better reliability.
  • ¾” and 1″ nozzles with flow rates of up to 227 LPM (60 GPM)
  • Operating flexibility – the Auto ID function can be up to 25m away from fuel dispensing. Ideal for service trucks.
  • Retro fit to Banlaw FuelTrack™ depots and OPW 7 and OPW 11 series nozzles.
  • Serviceable items are readily replaceable, reducing system downtime.
  • Built tough for harsh operating envionments. Nozzle readers are rated for hazardous areas and for operating tenmperatures between -40° & 55° celsius (-40° and 131° farenheit).
  • Motion sensitive reader conserves battery power.


How it Works

When the Banlaw SecureFill™ nozzle is places into the vehicle or tank, it reads the unique serial ID tag fitted to the vehicle or tank.

This code is then wirelessly transmitted back to the local Fuel Management System (FMS) depot via a Wireless Gateway Terminal (wgt) to identify the vehicle.

If the code is not recognised by the FMS, the vehicle cannot be refuelled. It is that simple!

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Key System Architecture

  1. Banlaw SecureFill™ Unit ID Tag – Contains the unique ID of the equipment to be refuelled and is installed on to the filler neck/pipe of the vehicle/tank/equipment.
  2. Banlaw SecureFill™ Wireless LV Auto ID Nozzle – A SecureFill nozzle fitted with a wireless Auto ID reader.
  3. Wireless Gateway Terminal (WGT) – Wireless base station used to communicate between the FuelTrack Depot and wireless Banlaw SecureFill™ nozzles.
  4. Banlaw FuelTrack™ Depot – Fuel management system field controller used to administer fuel security while recording all inwards and outwards transactions. The Depot is connected to the site-wide Banlaw FuelTrack™ system via an Ethernet or similar system.