Fuel Management

Banlaw are the pioneers of Unified Fuel Management and provide a fully integrated approach from fuel management hardware through to asset management, consulting and training.  Together with Banlaw, MTIS Group are able to facilitate complete fluid management solutions, delivering productivity, reconciliation and cost reductions, like no competing solution throughout the Asia Pacific.


Banlaw FuelTrack™ is a powerful management tool that saves you
money by providing precise monitoring, reconciliation and
centralised reporting of fuel usage or other liquid usage.

The system assists with fuel security, environmental compliance,
stock reconciliation, maintenance scheduling, cost analysis, the
calculation of burn rates, fuel ordering and rationing as well as
compliant measurement for fuel tax credit and carbon trading
schemes. It also enables efficient charging of third parties using
your refuelling facilities.


Automated Fuel Stock Rotation

In a multi tank environment, without fuel stock rotation, most
fuel or other hydrocarbons are drawn from or dispensed into
those tanks closer to the pumps. The tank content farthest away
from the pumps stays unused for long periods of time, leading
to it becoming stale and causing potential microbial build-up in
the tank. This can be detrimental to engines and overall
equipment performance, impacting on efficient operations and
maintenance costs.

Banlaw’s automated stock rotation solution uses a ‘First in, First
Out’ methodology to resolve this problem. With the press of a
button, the system automatically selects the appropriate storage
tank, saving money, time and labour.


Level Track

LevelTrack is Banlaw’s automatic tank gauging application that
records the actual fuel inventory level of tanks. Instruments on
top of the tank/s automatically and remotely provide you with
valuable data including tank volume and temperature data.


Tankside Monitoring

Banlaw’s Tank Side Monitor is a field device that provides a
graphical representation of storage on a screen located at the
side of a tank so operators, delivery drivers or inventory control
staffs can instantly see the product levels in each of the tanks.
Tank Side Monitor interfaces with Banlaw LevelTrackTM,
eliminating the need to be on site to monitor the product levels.