Holiday Closing Dates

Second Inaugural Alluvial Mining Convention, PNG

On September 29, the MTIS Group PNG staff travelled from Port Moresby to Lae in order to attend and present at the Inaugural Alluvial Mining Convention and Trade Show, hosted by the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).

Alluvial Mining Conference4 Sept 15

Held at the Lae International Hotel, the event brought together all local and international stakeholders in one venue. This included alluvial mining communities from all areas of PNG, the regulators (mining, environment and safety), small to medium business promoters, financiers, joint venture interest, gold buyers, smelter companies, exporters, provincial and local level governments, lawyers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Alluvial Mining Conference Sept 15

After a highly successful morning of networking, Jim Adamson, PNG Technical Operations Manager, gave a highly informative presentation to the convention introducing MTIS Group PNG in more detail, including an introduction of our Capability Statement to the PNG resources industry.

Alluvial Mining Conference2 Sept 15

See video footage of the Convention and Jim speaking to the Morobe Governor on Resource PNG – Episode 39 here.


Opening of Brisbane Flagship Centre

MTIS Group has successfully opened their Brisbane based hydraulic hose service and storage centre, which will act as the company’s flagship. The new centre, based in the Queensland distribution complex at Morningside, will provide highly effective and efficient office, servicing and warehousing facilities to the business and its customers.

The new building features a professionally designed integrated fit-out that reflects the evolution of the MTIS Group brand. Internally the new centre is spacious and modern, with clean lines and minimal clutter.

MTIS Group’s prominent colours of blue and grey will be displayed across the office and warehouse space.

“MTIS Group owes its success in Queensland to our professional service and distribution network and we are proud to now open a centre which allows for ease of access to air traffic routes and  the port.” says the  co-director Ben Adamson. “Enabling efficiency and growth, we are now looking forward to rolling out the network to expand to PNG, which will complement the existing  processes and networks and allow growth into the Asia Pacific region.”

“Expanding the network will allow MTIS Group to work with people that bring in fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the company, as well as standardisation to the customer experience. The expansion will allow MTIS Group to achieve the critical mass required to effectively deliver economy of scale benefits  to our national and international clients and the resources sector,” he said.